Zephyr: Visionaries in Ventilation

Since 1997, the San Francisco based leader in ventilation design and technology has challenged the perception of what hood ventilation means to kitchen design.  An awareness was stirred by visionaries, reimagining and creating cutting edge residential range hoods.

From the simple and sleek to artistic and highly individualized, there is something for everyone.  Again, seeing a need for elegant fashion forward hoods (they can be sexy too), Zephyr set out to prove high style should extend above the range!

The more impressive, slightly less glamorous, but truly important "inner workings" of the ventilation system is what sets Zephyr apart.  They are performance driven but aesthetically pleasing!  The best of both worlds.  Zephyr, along with their collaborators, raised the bar when it came to designing high end kitchen hoods that were not only energy efficient, filter free, and LED lit, but were quiet, as in silent.  I witnessed it firsthand.  I hate when my hood is on in my own kitchen and I can't hear myself think, it's so loud!

Energy Star certification on selected hoods translates into a cost effective way for consumers to lower their carbon footprint while taking advantage of great design and the latest technology.

There is a wide range of stainless hoods.  These are some uniques standouts ~  The Padova hood designed by Fu Tung Cheng, provides a virtual plaster canvas for full customization.  It was inspired by Italy's timeless architectural design.

I died over this hand painted hood.  I see it in an Asian inspired, clean lined kitchen.  It becomes an unexpected focal point, a work of art.

The Plane Arc and Tilt hoods are elevated to sculptural status by designer Robert Brunner.  He challenges what we think a hood should look like while giving us all the bells and whistles we demand.  Each is available in black, white, and red glass and stainless steel.  Etchings are also available ~ there are infinite possibilities.

Fu Tung was on hand and gave us a rundown of one of his projects.  He's an innovator in the use of concrete and described for us how he conceived of and executed a rounded water feature bookcase for one of his clients.  Nothing like it has ever been done before (to my knowledge)  Truly unique!

Mr. Cheng shared his fabulous book with us, Concrete At Home, where he illustrates his love and use of this ancient material in innovative ways, forging new techniques along the way.

Thank you Zephyr for introducing me to your remarkable ventilation hoods.  These are not necessarily things you think of first when designing a kitchen, but they become not only the workhorse of the room like any of your major appliances, they do it elegantly and efficiently.  Isn't that what great design is all about ?

Zephry ~ tini's for everyone!

* ph: Cheng Designs

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