A Clean Slate

With a new year brings another opportunity to reassess your life, goals, growth, priorities, and home. Show the world who you truly are at your best!  Of course you can begin any time, but the new year seems to bring a special resolve that only January 1 brings.

We ask, "What is working, what is not?  What can I alter or let go of?  How do I want to fill my space?"  I usually do a little redecorating, move things around, add and subtract in an effort to freshen up for the upcoming year.

It's a time to get clear on how you want to create (or recreate) your space, show up in your little slice of the world, or possibly go from chaotic to clean.  Each of these photos is a blank slate.  Visualize how you fill in the lines, paint the picture, connect the dots.

Try this simple visualization exercise ~ Look at the pictures and close your eyes.  Without giving it too much thought, in your mind's eye what would add that uniquely expresses you?

Would you add layers of color or texture for added drama or organic elements?  Perhaps layers of  neutrals reflecting a quiet confidence?  Obviously the answer is different for everyone, but it gives you an idea of what you gravitate towards.

I see an assortment of Madeline Weinrib pillows and a collection of colored glass.  Go with your gut.

What fills your space  ~ literally and metaphorically speaking?

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