Energetically Speaking

We all know our homes hold a certain energy or "Chi" in Feng shui speak.  Everything is energy, good or bad.  Happily, if the energy in your home is less than positive, you can take certain steps to change that by placing energizing crystals or minerals in and around your home.  Crystals are innately positive.  Being from the earth, the primal ingredient is tiny crystals within the stone and they are always in motion, emitting energy.  This notion goes back to the dawn of time when crystals were used in rituals and traditional ceremonies.  Each type of stone has a specific purpose or property that holds a healing power. These are a few examples ~

CLEAR QUARTZ is a perfect all purpose energizing crystal.  It cleanses bad vibes, negativity and general stress.  Its versatility makes it equally good for clearing and protecting.  Place clear quartz anywhere you want clean, clear energy, but maybe not next to your bed.  That could be too much energy!

PYRITE assists in overcoming financial hardship and helps achieve financial success.  It increases willpower and motivation.

CITRINE supports meeting goals and is great to keep near your work space for abundance.  It's full of warmth and optimism, representing cheeriness.   It brings the energy of prosperity and generosity with it.

Don't underestimate all the decorative ways you can incorporate these natural beauties.  Get creative~  from handle pulls to drop dead gorgeous sinks.  From decorative accents to building materials, they help heal, protect, cleanse, attract, repel, whatever, beautifully.  They do double duty!  There is an "aliveness" and functionality to this "living" material.

ROSE QUARTZ opens hearts.  The soft pink sweetness of this crystal attracts love and heals broken hearts, creates a sense of calm, clears sadness, pain or disappointment regarding matters of the heart.

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FLORET (green) is a stone that enhances mental clarity, learning, and concentration, bringing a wise healthier viewpoint into focus.  This color in particular promotes overall detoxification and healing on all levels.  It removes blockages and enhances creativity and new ideas.
JADE is the darling mineral of feng shui practitioners.  Authentic jade has a soothing, renewing vibe.  Its harmonious nature radiates positivity.

ONYX helps sooth anxiety and supports strength.  Onyx is excellent for keeping emotions in check, conquering fear and staying focused.

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AMETHYST is a meditative, calming stone.  Amethyst promotes balance, purification and peace.  It is an excellent all purpose stone that wards off evil spirits and enhances intuition.

Tigers Eye, is a grounding stone.  It helps create and maintain integrity and wealth.  It is masterful at being protective and promoting willpower.  It promotes luck and prosperity.  It's a very dynamic stone and makes a good looking surface as well!

Magnify your intentions, and pump up your mindset with the stone or combination of stones that correspond to what you are hoping to manifest in your life.  Mother nature made them not only beautiful, but good for us for a reason!

If you want to manifest something ~ there's a stone for that!

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