Incorporating Antiques

I attended the Winter Antique Show at the Park Avenue Armory last Friday.  I always meant to go, so an invitation from DESCARO  was just the impetus I needed to make a point of getting myself there.  I had no doubt I would love it, and I did!  The antique show, now in its 63rd year benefits the East Side House Settlement which helps bring education and resources to those who need it in the South Bronx and Northern Manhattan.


I wish I could have bought one of these faceted, hand cut crystal consoles.  They were spectacular!

Frank and Barbara Pollack American Antiques and Art, Highland Park,IL
Still life in white, Anat Shiftan

I am a big believer in incorporating antiques into an interior space.  If your space is more modern they create a great tension between the modern day and the past.  If your interior is more traditional, antiques lend an authenticity to your space that a reproduction does not.  The provenance of a piece has history that seems to radiate.  Contemporary art in a traditional setting is the easiest way to dip your toe into the look of mixing styles and periods.

If you follow me on Instagram you saw this, but this is worth mentioning again because it is so fabulous.  Maison Gerard brought in graffiti artist Faust who is known as an awesome calligrapher, to put this stamp on their back wall.  This perfectly illustrates how dynamic contemporary, vintage, and antique pieces can coexist.  It says, "It seemed like a good idea at the time."  If I had a dime....

While purchasing antiques with a pedigree may be important to some, you can get beautiful pieces at all price points.  This highboy comes with its original documentation.  According to the fascinating paper work, John Cochran once owned it (1765-1775). This dealer specializes in supplying some kind of paperwork that authenticates or educates with each piece.

Nathan Liverant and Son, Colchester,CT

I love hearing backstories of a piece, how they dealer came to it, where the piece may have come from, who it may have belonged to.  Its history makes it magical.

Herschel and Adler Galleries, New York, NY

There are really no rules when showcasing antiques.  Many elevate their "very important pieces" in a precious way focusing to their importance, but many incorporate them in a whimsical way that speaks to the desire for the history, but not taking it too seriously.  Americana has an innate character that makes them perfect for a playful look.

Kelly Kinzel, New Oxford, PA

From assorted Civil War Infantry Drums, circa 1822, in use until late 1870's to a collection of John Singer Sargent paintings surrounding a Tiffany lamp ~ the selection is vast, and the dealers, international.

Michael Altman Fine Art

One of the most intriguing booths was the jeweler Didier.  The windows invite you to peek in and linger at the jewelry that is just as much art by such artists as Warhol, Calder, Piero Dorazio, among others.

It's a great opportunity to think about starting or expanding on a collection.

Robert Young Antiques, London

Tambaran, New York

And don't think it is limited to your interiors.  An exterior space should tell a similar story.

Elizabeth Israel, Katonah NY

The show is only there till January 29th, if you get a chance to stop by.

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