More is More

and less is a bore.  That little ditty was coined by the imitable Iris Apfel, but Linda Rodin obviously subscribes to the same credo.  Ex model and stylist, Linda Rodin is the woman behind the cult status beauty oil collection  Rodin Olio Lusso.

Ironically, this is her motto

It's hard to believe looking at her apartment.  This is everything that I talk about NOT doing, but at the same time she has lived an extraordinary life.  She swears each object means something and holds a memory that she cherishes.  It makes me think about something a doctor once said to my grandmother.  My grandmother Rosie was a heavy smoker her whole life and was healthy by all accounts, living into her mid nineties.  Her doctor said to her during a physical in her 80's, I should tell you to stop smoking because it's bad for you, but don't because it will kill you.  So, being a rule breaker is on a case by case basis.

Instead of calling her a pack rat, she more elegantly would be considered a maximalist.  No nook or cranny was overlooked as a place to display something!  Linda's mother was an interior decorator who owned an antique shop.  She grew up around beautiful objects with provenance.

 "The plants, trinkets, and furniture that compose my external landscape all come from my internal landscape."

She has said that each item tells a story, holds a memory that she can so vividly remember, that she is able to recall the person, place or thing that any of her objects represents to her.  Linda, being a Pisces, loves the sea.  Hence her turquoise walls and extensive shell collection.  She feels like she is always by the ocean, so much so that she can almost smell the salt air and is transported there.

Linda says her home is like a warm hug.  Everything she loves is there.  Love it or hate it, no matter the type of decor you have ~ that is always the ultimate goal.

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