Did you say, DIY?

In my post about The Rammed Earth House , I said you could take workshops and learn to do this yourself.  I got a lot of funny emails from people doubting:  A. I would ever do it  (which of course is true) and B. that someone could build a home, any kind of home, without experience.  Let me introduce you to Michael Parks' modern 3b 3ba cliffside house in the Hollywood Hills

After consulting with several architects and builders, all of whom came in over budget, Michael decided to tackle the remodel himself, undaunted by the fact that he had no experience whatsoever.

Michael looked past the myriad of problems and just saw possibility.  With nothing but passion and a zest to learn how to create a clean, modern, eco-friendly home, a new career emerged. Working through budgets, permits, materials and labor, Michael took on this project just like he took on Mt. Everest in 2002.

 Sustainable materials were used throughout, including the wood and metal cladding, along with recycled concrete and slate.  The biggest challenge was "finding the large, energy efficient, double paned window glass so you could look out onto the canopy of trees", Parks said.

The Michael Parks House (as it is now known) stands as a testament to airy, sleek modern architecture and accomplishes the rare feat of combining a minimalist aesthetic with comfort and hip, understated luxury. 

 Michael said, "I remodeled the house and the house remodeled me"

photos & credits: Afro Chic, contemporist, Billy Marchese, Michael Parks

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