Inspiration is where you find it

Designers are always asked, "Where do you get your inspiration?"  The answers range from travel to museums to 1st Dibs.  The truth is it's everywhere, all around us, you just have to observe.

I was inspired by a trip to Turkey when trying to come up with an idea for my Serene Salon

Jess @ The Love List was inspired by the Kate Spade Store when she was asked to design a logo

Do you think Pierre Hardy was inspired by this screen and the way the light shines through the glass circles?

Do you think the AKRIS designer Albert Kreimler was inspired by his surroundings while sketching and sipping espresso on the Amalfi Coast?

or Stella McCartney was studying still lifes?

Roberto Cavalli must have NEEDED a console table to match his python dress (It is one of his signatures, after all);  hard to tell which came 1st.

And when he ventured out back he was inspired to design this little number for his upcoming 2011 collection.  While he was relaxing ~ his friends the Missoni's stopped by for a Lemoncello

Vincent Wolf famously captures his journeys to far off lands in photographs that translate into globally infused rooms with interesting color schemes.  This umbrella in Madagascar was the inspiration for the color scheme of one of his interiors.

I think part of the creative process is being a keen observer.  Figuring out what to do with it is where the real talent lies, and I am always in awe of those that do it so well!

credits: CLI,The Love List, BG, ID, Vincente Wolf

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