Gnomeo, Gnomeo...

While partying with the Travelocity gnome, he was in town on a PR mission and showed up at a club after a day of skiing **(literally, on skis, see below), I was struck my unexpected attraction to this funny little man.  Do I need a likeness in my home?  While pondering this question, I noticed there is a movie coming out starring a similar character.  That sealed the deal- gnomes are IN!  I don't want any "garden variety" gnome; he must be cute and fashion forward.  Here are the contenders; what do you think?

Philippe Starck for Kartell is really what I have in mind,

Gnomes work equally as well in a traditional space as they do in a contemporary one; the same holds true for a kids room vs. a living room, outdoors or in.  I never realized how practical he can be.

Myron Wolman via Kravet

The little fella's back is to us on the  rocks

A giant sculpture perhaps?  I could see one in a clean, contemporary space.

A lamp might be a consideration,  or not
Jukka Hakanen

What do you think?  Kitschy or cute?

**gnome skiing

Photos:, ohdeedoh, flickr, unicahome, designweek,

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