ENOUGH, already

With 52 days till Spring and a ski trip planned, all I want to do is ~
Grab a passport and a brightly colored Balenciaga handbag

A new wardrobe chock full of color blocked clothing

And head out of town. To Mexico maybe?

Or the romantic Jade Mountain Resort in St. Lucia perhaps?

This sure beats the view I am looking at now- a foot of new snow

Something more exotic would not be out of the question

But where ever it is, it will most definitely include this

Ahhh, take me away!

 My last post was not sent because (and I am guessing here) it included a video and the file was too big.
Be sure to check out Tom Ford's  fashion show below.

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  1. Oh my word, you are absolutely killing me here! You had me hooked with that amazing dress, then that handbag, then color-block clothing...THEN Mexico?! We're actually going there on our upcoming honeymoon and I'm more excited than ever after your fabulous post!

    So glad to hear you're going to be at the conference! I'm looking forward to meeting you! You have a great blog going here...beautiful images and so much interesting content to go with it!