My Aspen Love Affair...1 in a series

My thoughts now turn to Aspen and my ongoing love of the town; it's history, it's aesthetic, essentially all things related to it.  I wanted to do a post on rammed earth homes, and I will, next time, because the most famous rammed earth home in the Roaring Fork Valley is for sale for a mere $10.8 mil.  And by the most famous, I mean, the only one.

  This 3 time award winning modern home was designed by Studio B Architects and decorated by Larry Laslo.  It features zinc roofing atop the rammed earth structure, Japanese Zen gardens, eco fireplaces and gorgeous views.  It was featured in Elle Decor as well as several other magazines; (insert heavy sigh)

Zoning required it to be, "low in structure" so the ranch home visually blends right into its surroundings

photos via Huffington Post

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