Barbara Barry's Indochine


Barbara Barry gave a beautiful presentation during Blogfest.  Her passion is infectious!   In her video, she is describing her inspiration for her new fabric collection for Kravet.   Her voice almost lulled me to sleep, it was so soothing, and her images, captivating.


Having spent a month in Asia and 2 1/2 years thinking about balance and composition; how to take complex patterns and simplify them, Barbara not only came up with a fabric collection that is harmonious, but incorporates her 1940's feminine sensibility as well.  Oh, and while she was at it, she created a tea too!   Citrine is a calming peppermint, lemongrass, verveine blend.

Decorating is about a mood.  Barbara is not concerned where things come from.  Design is in the connection.  Simplicity and beauty is all around, and ideas are sparked by anything.  Envision your dreams and make them happen.  AMEN

Here's to living the dream ~  What's beautiful to you?

photos: CLI, video: Kravet

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