My Aspen Love Affair.. Food & Wine Classic

This time last year I attended the Aspen Food & Wine Classic.  I always wanted to experience it.  It was three days of gluttony on a grand scale.  If you get a chance, it is quite an experience~

Don't adjust your monitors, the sky IS that beautiful and clear

Marcus Samuelsson sounds the horn; Let the festivities begin...

Twice a day inside the grand tasting tents, we ate and drank to our hearts' content.  Cheese, wine, and liquor from around the world; caviar, local specialities, chocolate ~ you name it

Top chiefs held seminars.  Or you could learn about perfect pairings, knife skills, and cooking techniques.

Art Smith talked about his recent weight loss, lowering calories on comfort food, and feeding Oprah (click on his name for a few favorite recipes).

Mario Batali declared, "Orange crocs for everyone!" and proceeded to talk about the cooking of the Ligurian region of Italy.

Giada de Laurentiis was so tiny and adorable.  I don't remember what she made because I couldn't stop thinking, "How does she remain so tiny??"

Michael Symon made the creamiest Mac and Cheese and demonstrated how to make a perfect roast chicken every time!

After all this~ It was time to take a good, hard walk...


                                         ... to do more drinking

I went to a TY KU sponsored party.  Click here for LOW CAL receipes.  The soju, sake, and liqueur are delicious, as were the different cocktails the bartenders whipped up.  I was into the 2 fisted drinking portion of the event.

Ahhh, the mountain air, the satisfaction of a productive day, the exercise.  I slept like a baby on that trip!

And a good time was had by all; and by all I mean me!

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