Kips Bay Show House 2011: Part Deux

As we made our way up the back staircase by Rauber and Rauber Interiors, I was bowled over by the giant Ikat print linen fabric visually dancing up the walls.  I later found out the women were inspired by The Ballets Russes.  A beautiful chandelier and gold finials added more drama.

Amanda Nisbet has a knack for creating playful, dynamic spaces.  This bedroom remains committed to the 18th C. design elements that were part of the heritage of the home (the boisserie panels existed), but Amanda certainly injected it with a modern twist.   The tension between the pink patterned walls and art along side the 18th C. references spark an undeniable duality.

Harry Heissmann was in a shag-a-delic mood when he moved into this child's bedroom.  John Whitney had 2 adopted daughters and this "hideaway"was named for one of them:  Kate.  Working within the dark room, Harry emphasized a nighttime retreat by papering the walls in a chocolate, patent, diamond pattern by Phillip Jeffries and using bronze mirror.  It's hard to tell, but the lucite bed is illuminated from underneath.  That produced a really nice effect.  Vintage fabrics weaved a kaleidoscope of color and texture while the cobra lamp (once belonging to Sir Elton John) and the giraffe keep a silent watch.

  Barbara Ostrom designed a dream bed chamber in shades of robin's egg and cream, with all the bells and whistles for a sweet sleep, no matter the century.

Speaking of birds, it seemed to be a theme running through many of the rooms.  Jeff Lincoln had hand-painted birds and outlines of trees applied to the Gracie wallpaper; a subtle stunner, along with the Fortuny fabric.  Again, a duality played out between the masculine and feminine within the space.

Brad Ford's stereo lounge was a groovy place to hang out and listen to music "old school."  Brad, calling on a new rustic glamour, felt the space needed to engage us socially.  The record player was built into this $45,000.00 hand crafted table by BDDW.  The speakers were built into European Oak paneling and  took on an artistic rhythm. 

On the other side of the partition separating the two spaces that occupied the upper floor is Robert Stilin's complementary "modern Manhattan" like space.  The clean design seems suited for a masculine art collector swayed in cashmere and wool.  The cocktail table was made by Aurelien Gallet, another designer showing in Kips Bay.

Outside one of the bedrooms, it must have been the servants quarters at one time, I noticed this panel signifying which room the servants were being summoned to.  Very upstairs, downstairs.

 The exquisite space outside, a luxury in New York by any standard, referenced the adjoining rooms to cement a unified look.  Inspired by the dining room's hand painted wallpaper and the other elements nearby, Greener by Design captured the ebb and flow in this garden design.  

Gunn Landscape designed this terrace off the art infused lounge as a respite marrying the architecture of the home with the modern sensibilities of the interior space it's off of..

Photos: CLI, Fox news, Trevor Tondro for NY Times, Kevin Sharkey


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