Dining Room Deux

Frank Panterio

One of the things I am currently working on is a dining room, and I am giving a lot of thought to the idea of two chandeliers above the table.
I love the idea of doubling the impact of the look of the light fixture.  Since I am crazy about light fixtures in general ~ if the room can pull it off, why not?

I also say, "Rules are more like guidelines."  I often times like over-scaled fixtures, but you do have to be careful about making sure everything is still visually balanced.  Take into consideration material, visual weightiness, style, etc.  There are a few rules of thumb that you can never go wrong abiding by...

via Casa Sugar

The size of the chandelier should be around 75% of the width of the table, or 12" narrower than the table.  Since I am using 2 chandeliers, I want one centered over each half of the table which in total will almost give me the width of one chandelier.  To make things slightly trickier, the table needs to visually look good extended (with leaves, if it has any) as well.  Taking that into consideration, I brought them in slightly, but they are still in balance.  Sometimes you just have to eyeball it.  I generally hang the chandelier about 32" to 36" above the table top.

I am really excited to see the outcome.  Why use one when two could work well?   Double the drama, double the fun.

Remember ~ Dimmers, always!

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  1. Carrie, this is a great post on hanging chandeliers in the diningroom. I'm struggling with the fact that my table is an extension table - it can be 80" long to 120" long. How do I think about chandelier size/placement. I thought maybe 2 instead of 1? thanks!!


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