The Enduring French Style

"When things are enduring, they beg to be copied"

The certain je ne sais quoi that is distinctly French, the enduring wit and confidence with which they live their lives and decorate their homes is rooted in the classicism and history of their past.  French interiors are subtly refined, and the palettes joyous.  A level of sophistication and luxury reigns, like the age of the Louis' (peaking with Louis XIV) eras were defined.  Our ideas of comfort and home began to change with the revolutions.  Fortresses became castles and chateaus.  Modernity takes the best of all periods, drawing from all resources to create espirit or wit.  That's very French!
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Pierre Frey of the fabric house of the same name (started by his grandfather) is a family run high end French textile company with a proud past that is always looking towards the future.  Next year is its 80th birthday! 
 Pierre moderated a fascinating discussion on the enduring influence of French design with...

... Maureen Footer, an expert in 18th century decorative arts.  Maureen uses wit and flair to create glamorous, unexpected spaces that are based on principles of the Enlightenment.

...AND Juan Pablo Molyneux, "a citizen of the world."  He has designed interiors all over the globe.  Curious, and with a deep appreciation for the past, Molyneux creates spaces people want to be in.

as well as... Douglas Hutton, son of John,whose furniture and lighting happily co-exist with the timeless fabrics in the Pierre Frey showroom in NY's D and D building.

Americans are goal oriented, they want immediate gratification.  Craftsmanship is not appreciated the same way as it is in France.  In fact, the French government supported ateliers, where masterpieces were made and great craftsmen were respected, as they are to this day.  We can always learn a thing or two from those French!

The Distinguished Panel ~
Pierre Frey, Juan Pablo Molyneux, Maureen Footer and  Douglas Hutton

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  1. The french style interiors and designs are really awesome. What an inspiring site! Thank you for sharing.


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