Spring Market Round Up ~ Part 2

JAB and Lennox came together and in the capable hands of 5 fabulous designers; they brought Spring into the NY showroom.  Each talented designer talked about creating their table, the inspiration that  brought about the design, how they executed it, and how you could reproduce it.  The tables were very well thought out.

The black and white of the dinner plates contrasted beautifully with the vivid colors and patterns.

Michael Tavano (did he plan on matching his table?) ~
This table was too pretty to touch.  Many layers and colors made this table a standout.  Humble materials in creative hands work wonders.  He slid wallpaper under lucite to create the wonderful "placemats."  You can too!

Bella Mancini ~
The dream of what afternoon tea looks like for a princess in a land far, far away

Christopher Coleman ~ his table was a study in orange.  The color does energize, and it made me hungry!  Vases in assorted heights:  so simple, so successful.

Alla Akimova ~ defines her style as structured and romantic.  I see the romance; every element carries that feeling through.

From L to R ~ Bella Mancini, moderator Patrick Hamilton, Christopher Coleman, Alla Akimova, Michael Tavano, Tara Seawright

Ph: Evan Felts and CLI

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