You're So Transparent

Stella McCartney

Acrylic and lucite ~ barely there accouterments take a backseat to those around them, but that doesn't mean they should be any less stylish!  In fact, they almost shine brighter but in an inconspicuous way ~ that's irony!

Clothes are a no show as well this season.  Many a designer showed sheer for spring 2013

Emilio Pucci

In clothing and accessories, whether it is futuristic PVC, chiffon, silk georgette, or gazar, be it panels or the entire outfit, this is one trend you cannot hide behind.  Architectural in design, high in style, these transparent players are sticking around.

Like floating on water, or wrapped in a cloud

Jennifer Post

PVC has a playful side also

transparency in color ~  Works for me

Burberry bags 

Z chairs

 HB ph: Mr Newton

Valentino improved on Cinderella's glass slipper, then studded it

Nothing stands in the way of this view

via All the Best

There is nothing childish about the acrylic crib.  It is beyond amazing... the company's motto is,"Begin life in style."  There is no reason not to!

Nursery Works

Style and self confidence are surely intact in these barely there ensembles

Stella McCartney, Giambattista Valli, Chloe

The juxtaposition of the antique and contemporary most always looks well curated

via Color Outside the Lines

There is never visual clutter

What did we do before ghost chairs??

                                                         seriously ~ what did we do?

via Patricia Gray

Do you dare to go bare?

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