Spotlight On : Miriam Cabessa

Isn't it funny when you just learn of something ~ you never heard of it before and then all the sudden you hear it over and over?  Since I wrote the story on Brandon Sun (see below) I have heard the words Gutai movement more than once.  Weird coincidence??

While Miriam  Cebressa was not part of the movement, she does have something in common with it.  She paints without a brush.  She creates these magical, some almost 3 dimensional looking designs that seem to jump off the canvas, all with random tools and her body, nary a brush in sight.

Painting is a very intimate experience, especially when one becomes one with the canvas.  With people watching is it performance art?  Choreographed movement over the canvas creates a lyrical abstractionism.

Born in Morocco, raised in Israel, and now a New Yorker, Ms. Cabessa has an impressive C.V.  She is internationally known for her "slow movement" painting and her work commands a pretty penny.

What do you think of Miriam's work?  If you"re interested in her process, you can watch a short video on You Tube.  Her pieces can be purchased thru galleries and online

ph: Miriam Cabessa, Victori Contemporary

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  1. These are gorgeous, I can see them in my living room blowing people's minds, hahaha! Or in the bedroom matching my bed sheet, the colorways, I mean. They are fabulous, kinda made me wish I put enough artworks in my own home.