Cobalt's Coming On Strong

Have you noticed we’re in a blue period?  Blues are an important and popular mainstay in design, mostly for its calm, tranquil effect on us.  But cobalt blue, this bolder, more confident jolt of color is calling this coming season and beyond.

ph: Diego Zuko

Phillip Lim

The strength of character cobalt displays is a great playmate to many other colors; white, black, neutrals and primaries alike.  Vincent Van Gogh declared, ”Cobalt is a divine colour and there is nothing so beautiful for putting atmosphere around things...”   That's why a little can go a long way...

Sally Wheat


ph: Phillip Ficks

French artist, Yves Klein created a sensual, deep blue reminiscent of lapis lazuli, forever known as International Klein Blue.  C2 Paint is customizing a perfect match should you be interested.  Richard Mishaan was.  He used it in his Holiday House Dining Room and it was a hit!  It looks especially dynamic lacquered.

The creation of Yves iconic cocktail table (1961/1963) , glass filled, with the international blue pigment, comfortably sits among the most contemporary and traditional of settings.  It's always a wonderful surprise in any space.

It is daring, it is dominant, it is dazzling!  Which,coincidentally, is one of the colors included in Pantone’s picks for the 2014 color forecast.

Amie Weitzman

  You’ll be seeing a lot of it because we’re on a blue streak!

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