Life Imitating Art

"You must  look to the past in order to see the future."  That seems to be the trend among Fashion and Interior designers, or they're brushing up on their art history!  It is the age old question:  what influences what?  In this case, art or fashion, fashion or home?  Designs are inexplicably interconnected.  We are all influenced by one another and the things we see around us.  This is bound to seep into our subconscious.  Or, we are consciously inspired by an image and we make it our own, changed as we see fit to go on and influence someone or something else.  Let's call it the "circle of art."  Designers always look towards art for inspiration, as well as almost everything else!  There will be plenty of opportunity to be inspired as there is a robust schedule of high profile museum exhibits, large and small, coming this season.  Vicente Wolf just commented on his blog the other day that he is always inspired by Frida Kahlo.

The Wounded Deer, 1946

Vicente Wolf  ph: Pieter Estersohn

Ralph Lauren

Monet was inspired by Boudin.  His mastery of light gave way to the look of his famous flowers, water lilies, and the whole of Giverny that incites awe in everyone that sees it.  More than a few designers have found magic among the flowers.

Irises in Monet's Garden, 1900

Fawn Galli Interiors


This coming season is no exception.  We have art to thank for artful collections ~

Band of Outsiders inspired by Slash on Failed Painting by Isreali artist Guy Yanai who in turn might have been inspired by Hockney?

Karl at Chanel channeling M.C. Escher?

Pascal Le Segretain

Reed Krakoff saw shape rather than pattern in Robert Motherwell's work.

Some designers appear as if they lifted their inspired images right off the canvas, while others take a less literal approach.  Had I not been at the Prabal Gurung fashion show last season and asked the question, "What was the inspiration for the show?", I would not have known it was Amish Kapoor. Fascinating how shaped metal shaped a collection.

ArcelorMittal Orbit Tower, 2012

Prabal Gurung

Donna Karan fell for Haitian artist Phillip Dodar when she was there volunteering after the earthquake. His work became the  theme of her whole next collection and a traveling exhibition to raise money and awareness for the victims.

Phillip Dodar

via Marimekko

Anything you see, whether you admire it or not, can be a jumping off point for a design.  Is it the lines, the color, the scale?

Cat Encircled by the Flight of the Bird, Joan Miró

Miles Redd

Michael van der Ham

Unsure of successful color combinations, what moves you, incites a reaction, resonates?

Twelve Sunflowers


Sometimes you see an image you love so much you reproduce it as it was meant to be.  Why tamper with success?

Sinjerli, variation 1,1968

Diamond Baretta

vintage Pucci via Harper Bazaar, 1965

Will we be shopping the shows or shopping the exhibitions and museum shops?  Has a piece of art inspired you lately?  How?

ph 8,9,10 source

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  1. What a great post! I can look around my house and figure out what painting or architecture inspired my decorating.


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