Candy Coated

I LOVE the new Mulberry and Louis Vuitton ad campaigns ~ Candy Colored confections seem to be a theme this spring.  How are we supposed to fit into the gorgeous clothing with all that sugar consumption and why do I suddenly want to go to Coney Island?

Ruthie Sommers

Need a little interior pick me up?  Skip the sugar and get a stool in a sweet tart shade.

Tucker Robbins via Leaf magazine

Celerie Kimble via Luster Interiors

                                        Is that taffy or a chair?

Anthony Hartley

via Shelterness

Take me away...  

(with a drink in hand) 

* Cotton Candy Martini

via Sheri Martin Interiors

**Cotton Candy Martini

1 1/2 oz vodka
1/2 oz x rated fusion liquor
1 oz cranberry juice
pink cotton candy

place cotton candy in the martini glass
shake ingredients well in chilled shaker
pour over cotton candy, it will dissolve instantly

Ph:Mulberry:Tim Walker, LV:Steven Meisel, Interiors Digs Digs unless otherwise stated.


  1. I love that pastels are so in for spring! We just did a feature on our tumblr on pastels and have a wide selection on our website if you're interested! Gorgeous!

  2. Hi - loved this post. I had found that pale blue kitchen with the red toile and ither red accents also - and I clipped it (but Lord knows where the clip is!!). But I have it in my brain - that's how much I love it!

    Loved your post on the tole furniture also - another favorite of mine!



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