Love in the Time of Lilacs

Art work by Cheri Wallenberg

A harbinger of spring, the melodic sound of the songbird and ~ Lilacs. They were my grandmother's favorite, my mother's favorite, and now2, mine and my sister's favorite flower.  There is nothing more intoxicating then walking into a room that is filled with the fragrant bouquet of the lilac


Elle Decor
                                             Swirling Wind and Rain.
                                           Lilacs Have Come, Spring Has Sprung.

                                           Pink, Purple and White.
                                          A Breeze Sways the Branch.
                                       Heavy Flowers Back and Forth.
                                            Lilacs Drip With Rain.
                                          Now, Sparkling in Sun.
                                       The Lilacs Cheer My Spirit.
                                             Beautiful Flowers.

Art work by John Harding

Country Living

 **TIP ~ before you put those beauties in a vase, after you have sheared it from the tree, on an angle, take a hammer and smash the end.  It opens up all the fibrous membranes and allows for better water absorption.


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