Feng Shuiing the Mouth of the House

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I am in the process of picking out a paint color to repaint my front door.  I researched what the teachings of Feng Shui would recommend based on the direction the front door faces.

The practice of feng shui as it applies to front doors helps narrow down the choices.  Since the front door is "the Mouth of Chi", where the energy flows in ~ you obviously want as much positive energy to enter.  Who doesn't want or need a little more positive energy in their life?  Here's what I learned ~

W ~ ( metal) white, gold, magenta, silver, grey        
SW ~ (earth) pink, yellow, orange, brown, green                                      
N ~ (water) black, blue                                        
NW ~ ( metal) magenta, gold, yellow, copper, silver                                                                                
E ~ (wood) green, blue, turquoise
NE ~ (earth) orange, terra cotta, yellow, brown                                                                                                                                         
S ~  (fire) red, purple, pink                                              
SE ~ (wood)  green, blue

Black (water) represents ~ sophistication, power

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Grey (metal) represents ~ clarity, precision, efficiency

via Laura S Mitchell

Green (wood) represents~ abundance, balance, renewal, money

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Blue (water) represents ~ prosperity, wisdom, calm.  Dark blue has added benefit of dependability

via Brown Design

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Purple (fire) represents ~ abundance, spirituality, dignity

Yellow (earth) represents~ stability, optimism, sociable

Orange (fire) represents ~ sociable, abundance 

Red (fire) represents ~ prosperity, abundance 

pink (earth, fire) represents ~ playfulness, calm, abundance

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via Birch and bird

Make sure the front door is in proportion to your home and property.
The door should open inward and be solid. There are rules if it's glass as to what to do to solidify it.
Also, keep your doorway uncluttered, well lit, and free of too many distractions and SHARP objects!

As long as the color makes sense and coordinates with the rest of the house in terms of trim, climate, landscaping, etc ~ I think here's a place to really "show your true colors"

*There is a lot of cross over regarding the use of color.  Once you determine the direction of the door and the characteristics you would like to weaken or enhance ~ you continue to narrow down and narrow down.
Most importantly, it should always be pleasing to you

** My house faces south and I went with burgundy.


  1. My front door faces north-east, and there is no way I can use yellow, orange, terracotta or brown! It's currently black. What to do, what to do? Great post Carrie! ;-)

  2. Cindy, think of it more as a guide line!


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