Jeff Lewis ~ Still Flipping Out

I had the chance to hear one of my favorite Bravo-lebrities,  Jeff Lewis speak the other day.  He was his usual funny, blunt, "flip", adorable self.  He is working on his 6th season of Bravo's Flipping Out.  I wasn't sure that it was still on TV when I saw his new show, Interior Therapy.  While Flipping out is shot like a documentary, Interior Therapy is Jeff helping people reinvent themselves, emotionally and physically (in terms of their living spaces).  Jeff feels that he is completely qualified for this task because he has had the benefit of a lot of therapy himself!

Jeff's design aesthetic can be described as relaxed modern.  He imbues a sense of warmth into a modern home and seamlessly creates a clean lined, neutral environment inside and out.  Working with grays, black, white, taupe, sage, and navy, Jeff said he is secretly terrified of color.  However, he is trying to bring a little more into his spaces via pillows, rugs, and artwork; just enough to make things POP.  He is working on trying to layer more without compromising the clean, uncluttered look.

Jeff had a few tips for the audience:

No money for art?  Use black and white photography.
Always mock up paint color on poster board before painting.
There are places to spend money, like a bed or sofa, and places to save money--rugs and accessories.
Jeff uses a lot of rug remnants and has them bound.  He likes a mix of high & low.
Have your money work for you to add value to your home.  It will pay off later.

Jeff, Jenny, Gage, and Zoila will all be returning for the next season of Flipping Out soon ~ stay tuned

** Spoiler Alert**
Jenny was not at the seminar because she was at her engagement party.  She is getting married~ to an orthopedic surgeon in LA.

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