Coach & James Nares~ Rockin it

Coach is not slowing down!  I spoke a month or so about their fabulous collaboration with Hutton Wilkinson based on the jewelry designs and ethos of the late designer Tony Duquette  (see here).  Now they have enlisted the talent of painter James Nares.  I'm sure this is only the beginning of  Coach's creative collaborations and I like where this is going!  I have always been a fan of Reed Krakoff's, the man is incredibly talented.

Coach  literally gave James Nares a blank canvas and had him do what he does best!  They have created a limited edition of 175 canvas bags in black, green, blue, orange, and fuschia for sale beginning in May.  

James is known for his single brush stroke paintings.  He literally is suspended above the canvas painting a
signature, single brush stroke.  He'll make many attempts until he feels satisfied that the brush stroke is as it should be.


Michael S. Smith

Michael Rosenberg & Assoc.

Blue Carreon

via Susanne Randolph

Foley & Cox

John Barret via Elle Decor

I love them.  I have loved these paintings since I discovered James' work years ago.  They sing to me with the lyrical quality of the brush stroke and the movement and opaqueness of the paint.

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